My journey with Celltone

Hey babes and guys!

I haven’t been blogging lately due to exams (ya’ll know the stress!!!) and third year is no joke but I’m on holiday for a month so I’m excited to start sharing again.

I received the spot control range from Celltone. I got the face wash, the toner, moisturizer, the intensive spot control serum and the spot blitzer. I’ve been using the products for the past month so I could give you my honest feedback and opinion. I used the products during the most stressful time which was during exams so we could see if this range really does the trick.

I also received the luxury skincare kit which I decided to do a giveaway with. The lucky winner was announced on my Instagram page last week.

I’ve used the luxury skincare kit before and it was easy to use, it kept my skin supple and clear and my absolute favorite product from the range was the face oil. It’s the one product that I still use to this day.

Let’s talk about the packaging, first of all wow I love the packaging. It looks super sleek and professional. What I liked the most about the packaging is that it was numbered in the order of the steps that you should use the products in. This just made it easier to use and understand.

I used the products in order every day. When I’d start getting a spot I’d use the spot blitzer and by morning it would be gone. I purposefully used these products during exams because that’s the time my skin is prone to breakouts due to stress, not eating properly and barely getting any sleep. My skin did not break out once even when it came to that time of the month.

The spot blitzer really is a blessing as well as the spot control serum. When used together it really banishes pimples which is great for a quick fix especially if you have an event the next day. I just applied it the night before, went to sleep with it on and woke up the next day pimple free.

I have combination skin but my skin got a little dry during winter so the moisturizer really helped and kept my skin fresh and soft. I really loved the toner because it came with a spray nozzle which is great for lazy girls like me because I didn’t have to use a cotton pad with it. I could just spray it on my face as soon as I was done washing my face.

As usual Celltone never fails to impress and I would definitely recommend this range to anyone. You don’t have to have acne prone skin or perfect skin to use this range.

If you’re looking to try a new skincare routine and range you should definitely give Celltone a chance. You won’t be disappointed!



Meerazella is an online store that sells everything from makeup brushes to insanely cute backpacks. The owner, Priyanka is honestly the sweetest person to work with and ensures that you get the best possible experience when purchasing from them. Delivery is super fast and efficient. She shipped my products on a Saturday and I ended up receiving them by Tuesday late afternoon. 
I got the 10 piece oval brush set. This set is so beautiful, it’s rose gold and soft. It works so well when it comes to lending in foundation and concealer. I love the angled brushes for applying my contour because it gives a sharp and chiseled effect. It also makes application time shorter. I love the rose gold look of the brushes because it looks so pretty in my white brush holder. This brush set is so versatile and can be used for almost everything! It can even be used to blend out eyeshadow and applying lipstick. 

I also got a mermaid tail brush and the bristles are honestly the softest! It’s beyond perfect for blending in a powder contour. It doesn’t pick up too much of product and can be used to dust off powder from your face as well. 

I got a four piece ring set which is absolutely stunning! They fit perfectly and I usually take a medium when it comes to rings from Lovisa. They are so fashionable and I wear them on a daily basis. The set that I got was silver and has the prettiest little details.

I also received a body wrap choker which can be adjusted so you can choose how you would like to wear it. I love the simple choker and then going down the neck. It looks elegant under dresses and low cut tops. It would also look amazing with a bikini.

My favourite item of all was definitely the rose top. It came with a black, satin choker which can be tied according to your preference. The flower details are insanely cute and remind me of the Gucci print that everyone is currently raving over! I took a medium (I’m a size 32) and it fits like a glove. 

I’m always a bit paranoid when ordering online but thanks to Priyanka I had no problems or hassles. She is so easy to talk to and ensures that you’re given the best possible service. I would highly recommend ordering from them.

My journey with Celltone

I have normal to combination skin. I only get slightly oily around my T-zone in Summer. I’ve never really had problematic skin so I’ve always been keen to try new skin products. I like sticking to natural products from Lush like the coal face soap and Dark Angels. I normally use witch hazel as a toner and rose water as a fixing spray. When I got an opportunity to review the Celltone range I was so excited! 

I received the products about a month ago to review. The reason why I took so long to review these products was because I wanted to try them out on myself for a long time before I recommended anything to my readers. 

Celltone is a skincare range that is made of snail extract. I know what you’re thinking, what the hell?! Snail extract?! She’s putting snail extract on her face?! Snail extract has so many benefits, it helps in making your skin more radiant, look younger, smoother and it prevents acne. 

I’ve been using the facial wash and the toner every day. I’ve been using the exfoliator once a week and the sunblock every day. I used the rest of the products like the hydrating masks once a week. Out of all of the products that I’ve tried my absolute favourite is definitely the tissue oil. If you have any marks and want them to fade quickly I’d highly recommend this. 

My skin is already starting to look much brighter and flawless. I had a few blackhead marks on my cheeks but after using the tissue oil the marks have cleared up significantly. After I wash my face with the facial wash I apply the toner and then the tissue oil onto my skin. 

I’m honestly really impressed with the entire range especially the tissue oil. I highkey just want to bath in it and I know I’m going to be depressed as soon as this bottle runs out. 

Celltone is available at Clicks, Dischem and Game.

New products from Clarins

Clarins is one of my favorite skin and makeup brands. They sell top quality products that are well worth every rand spent! I was lucky enough to try out a few of their products.
I struggle with dark circles and I’m always on the lookout for a hydrating serum that helps remove fine lines and dark areas. I’ve been using the Multi-Active Yeux for the past two weeks and I can see a noticeable difference. It makes applying makeup so much easier and smoother. It avoids concealer and powder going into the fine lines and creases. I apply it every morning and every evening after I’ve washed my face. 

I got the cutest contouring palette from Clarins. It consists of 3 shades, a contouring powder, a highlighting powder and a blush. I keep it in my bag so I always have it around for touch ups. Plus the packaging is to die for! It has the cutest ever mirror. The contouring shade is so easy to blend and looks so natural. The blush is the perfect shade for olive toned skin. I use the highlighting powder to set my under eye concealer or to clean up my contour. It’s kind of like a pressed banana powder. It also comes with the cutest angled brush which is perfect for sculpting out your cheekbones.

I received 3 cream eyeshadows in the shades 09 – silver rose, 08 – silver white and 10 – silver grey. They are perfect for a glitter and glammed out looks. The pigment is beyond insane and can blend out quite easily. It is cream based so a little does go a long way. It lasts for hours on your eyelids. I did my makeup at 10am and it lasted until 11pm when I washed my face. It didn’t crease and stayed in tact. 

I got an eyeshadow palette in 05 smoky which consists of 4 gorgeous shades that are perfect for a sultry, smokey eye look. The palette consists of white, silver, grey and black shades. They are easily blendable and easy to apply. Clarins packaging has got to be my absolute favorite. Their products always look classy, elegant and high end. 

The coolest item that I received was the Stylo 4 Couleurs pen which is a 4 in 1 pen for your eyes and lips. You press the button down for whichever colour you want to use. It consists of one lip liner and three eyeliners. It’s a pink lip liner and blue, black and brown eyeliners. 

Clarins is a brand that always ensures top quality and is worth every cent. I’m truly impressed by all of their products and can’t wait to try some more! 

I used the contouring palette, eyeshadow palette and eyeshadow creams for this look:

Banish those dark circles boo boo

Let’s be honest here, every Indian girl understands the struggle of having dark circles and looking like a panda. It’s okay though, pandas are cute. Sometimes dark circles can be really bad and can end up making you look like the undertaker. I always struggled with my dark circles. It’s not because of my lack of sleep, it’s just because of genetics. 
When it comes to actually covering dark circles you’re going to need a few things:

1. A hydrating under eye cream or gel or a really good primer

2. A colour corrector 

3. Concealer

4. Setting powder

Gurl, I feel your struggle on so many levels. I battled finding the perfect colour corrector because orange was too dark on my skin and left me looking like I was from Jersey Shore (ya’ll remember the Snookie and JWow days?) For fairer skin tones stick to yellows, peaches and salmons. I finally managed to get the perfect colour by mixing the orange and yellow colour correctors from LA Girl which you can purchase from Dischem for R60. Orange is perfect for more tanned and darker skin tones. I stick to peaches, salmons and yellows to brighten up my under eye area. If you don’t use a colour correctors before a concealer you will end up looking ashy and all kinds of 50 shades of grey.

This is what you’re going to have to do, get that hydrating cream/gel/primer and put it on your under eye area. I normally wait around 2-3 minutes just to ensure that it sinks into my skin and gives a smoother finish. I mix my orange and yellow colour correctors together (I use more yellow than orange, I literally use a drop of orange.) I apply a thin layer directly on my dark circles only. You basically want to end up looking like you let a clown do your make and then blend it out slightly with a beauty blender. This picture is just for an idea of how you should apply the colour corrector.

I put on my foundation but make sure that it doesn’t touch the colour corrector because you don’t want too many layers as it will make your face look cakey and cause creasing which is what we definitely don’t want.I put my concealer and highlight the areas that I’ve colour corrected. I use a slightly damp beauty blender to blend it in with my foundation and set with some loose translucent setting powder. My favourite one so far is definitely the RCMA one.

Dust off the excess powder and violà, bye bye raccoon eyes! 

Fake vs Real Lime Crime

Let’s talk about fake makeup. Fake makeup is insanely harmful to your skin. First of all fake makeup is mass produced in factories that are low key so we really don’t know about hygiene and health standards. I’ve read so many articles and seen so many cases where people have swollen lips from using fake makeup or they have blisters all over their faces. It’s scary especially since you don’t know what you are putting on your skin.
There are so many instagram accounts selling fake Kylie and Lime Crime products. I was lucky enough to come into contact with Janet who is the amazing lady behind Pink Cosmetics. She sells authentic Kylie products as well as Lime Crime products. A lot of people do not like importing Lime Crime because it is a costly affair and there are just too many fakes that people are buying. Lime Crime retails for 20+ dollars which roughly works out to around R280 depending on the exchange rate. Once you’ve added taxes, shipping and customs you should be left at around R400-R500 per liquid lipstick. If anyone is selling their liquid lipsticks for lower than this it is very likely that it is fake.
I have compared a few differences as I purchased a fake one from AliExpress to be able to compare the differences properly. They sent me Shroom instead of Buffy so I’ll be using Shroom (Fake) to compare to Buffy (Real). 

Let’s start off by talking about the packaging. As you can see the original Lime Crime has more vibrant colours on the box and the font is different compared to the fake. I have circled the few differences on the front of the box to make it easier for you to see.

On the back of the box the real one has a code whereas the fake one does not. The fonts of the shades are also completely different. I have circled the differences in red. 

At the bottom of the actual liquid lipstick there is a code on the real one but there isn’t on the fake one. The font is also very different and the sticker for the real one is a darker pink than the sticker on the fake one. The fake one looks very washed out. The lettering on the stickers are also very different as well as the manufacturing locations. 

The fake one smelt a bit like glue whereas the real one smelt kind of like the Kylie liquid lipsticks. You will be able to tell the difference instantly just by smelling them. The wand on the real one is also much thicker than the wand on the fake one.
I tried the fake one on the back of my hand to ensure that it wouldn’t damage my skin or make me breakout. Once that was safe I tried it on my lips. It dried very quickly but it was really flakey. After awhile it dried my lips out completely. It felt like I was wearing superglue. 
Pink Cosmetics is the only Instagram and online store that I’ve found that stocks 100% genuine Lime Crime goodies. 
Pink Cosmetics Details:

Instagram: @pinkbath_ 


Facebook: Pink Cosmetics 


Fix’ Make-up:

This came in the cutest bottle and it looks like a perfume bottle. It smells great and makes your makeup lazy all day. It prevents your makeup from looking cakey and makes your makeup look fresh. I did my makeup in the morning and by 8pm it still looked fresh and in tact. I didn’t even have to do any touch ups except on my lips because I eat everything. It is also hydrating and feels like you’re wearing absolutely nothing which I love. Some sprays can leave a heavy feeling on your face but this one is absolutely perfect. 

Mascara in 01 Intense Black and Double Fix Mascara: 

This mascara has became my absolute favourite mascara of all time. It lengthens and adds volume. It makes me look like I’m wearing falsies. It’s definitely in my top 10 mascaras. It also reminds me a lot of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I use it with the double fix mascara for the best results. You can use the double fix mascara for your lashes and brows because it is clear an will set your brows in place. It doesn’t make my lashes look clumpy or spidery which is hard to find in a mascara that lengthens to the extent that this one does. 

Lipgloss and lip oil: 

I use the lip oil before I apply any matte lip products. It really plumps up and hydrates your lips. It also smells good enough to eat! It makes lipstick application so smooth and effortless. The lipgloss is a light pink colour and adds a pretty and natural tint to your lips. It lasts forever on your lips and gives you that natural as well as full effect. 

3-Dot Liner:

This eyeliner isn’t like your usual liquid liner. It has three points. This makes it easier to angle and line up on your eyelid. It is super dark, it doesn’t smudge and it lasts long. It reminds me a lot of a gel liner because it’s so dark and precise.


There are four shades in the bronzer so it caters for different skin tones. It is so easy to apply and blend. The pigment is quite intense so a little definitely goes a long way. This bronzer is huge. It’s bigger than my hand so you know that this is a good and long-term investment. 

Crayon Kohl: 

These come in 4 shades: 01 – Intense black, 02 – Intense Brown, 03 – Intense Blue and 04 – Platinum.

They have 2 sides, a pencil side as well as a brush on the other side. It makes doing your brows super easy because you can brush the brow hair into the brow pencil and blend it altogether. It gives a more natural finish. You can also use these for a smokey eye look and line your waterline with them. 


I got the Joli Rouge lipstick in 738 royal plum. This is a long lasting lipstick and it is extremely hydrating on your lips which is why I love it. It’s a deep burgundy shade and is perfect for a night out. 

Cream waterproof eyeshadows:

My favourite out of all of the products have to be the cream eyeshadows. They are so pigmented and pretty! They’re so easy to apply and blend. The colours are so pretty especially for a glowy and bronze look. They’re absolutely perfect for Summer. You can even use them as a highlighter. The shades I got were: 01 – Golden Peach, 02 – Golden Sand, 03 – Silver Taupe and 04 – Copper Brown.

Overall I am in love with these products and their quality. Clarins is an amazing brand that aims to enhance natural beauty. 

Skin Care 

Taking care of your skin is an essential. It is so important to ensure that your skin is clean, moisturized and toned to perfection. Makeup cannot cover everything and it is always better to be safe than sorry.
A few of my skin favourites are the Nivea firming body cream, the Nivea firming good-bye cellulite gel cream and the Nivea Q10 plus anti-wrinkle energy serum. I also love using the Nivea post shave balm as a primer because it is extremely tacky once you have rubbed it between your fingers and works amazingly. 

When it comes to removing makeup my absolute favourite makeup remover has to be the Eucerin eye makeup remover. Whenever I do smoked eyes or thick eyeliner I know that I can always rely on this baby. It’s the only eye makeup remover that I’ve used that actually takes away majority of the makeup in one swipe. I don’t look like I have panda eyes in the morning anymore thanks to Eucerin.

The first thing that I do before applying any makeup is use the Nivea Q10 plus anti-wrinkle energy serum around my eye area. This hydrates the area and helps to avoid creasing when it comes to make up. The under eye area is the most sensitive and delicate skin on your face. It is the one area that most people struggle with whether you have dark circles, eye bags or wrinkles. Although I am only 19 I would rather be safe than wake up one day and realize I could have prevented getting wrinkles or damaging the under eye area. I then pour about a R5 coin size amount of post shave balm on the palm of my hand and rub my hands together to make sure that the primer starts becoming a bit tacky. I apply it all over my face like a cream. This dupe for a primer is amazing and ensures that my makeup lasts all day even in Summer.

Cellulite and stretch marks are so common and it is somehow frowned upon but we are all humans and let’s face it, our skin stretches. We are not photoshopped or go for laser like the Kardashians and majority of Hollywood. We are real people who get stretch marks and cellulite. It is not something that should be frowned upon as it is part of life. I’ve been using the Nivea firming body cream as I have lost a bit of weight due to campus stress and not eating properly so I apply the firming body cream every day after I shower and before I go to bed. My skin looks flawless and feels really good. I look more toned than I ever did. I have a few stretch marks on my hip as do most teenagers and women due to puberty and growth. I’ve been using the good-bye cellulite gel for around 2 weeks and I can already see a slight difference. The marks look less silvery and look like they’re fading. 

All these products are budget friendly and can be found at Dischem or Clicks. 

DIY purple hair 

So as most of you know I had grey hair but that washed out to a blondey brown. I’ve had my eye on purple hair for awhile and decided to do a DIY. 

For the DIY all you need is white conditioner and gentian violet. You can find gentian violet at any chemist or pharmacy for around R10. 

Before attempting to work with gentian violet make sure you use a pair of gloves because this stuff STAINS EVERYWHERE. I cannot stress this enough!

For those of you with dark hair I would suggest lightening it first with a bleach kit from Dischem or Clicks. The purple will not show up as well on dark hair. This was the colour of my hair before I dyed it purple.

The first step I did was brush out all the knots in my hair and sectioned it off into thinner parts so I could apply the mixture evenly. I mixed the white conditioner with the gentian violet. I used a 6:1 ratio when mixing them together. I made sure that it was thoroughly mixed before I applied the mixture.

I applied the mixture with my gloves and rubbed it all over the lighter parts of my hair. When I was done I gripped my hair up on my head and let the mixture soak in for 45 minutes. 
I then washed out the mixture carefully to avoid getting any mixture on the sides of the bath because my mother would kill me if I stained her bathtub with the purple mixture. The purple should last for up to 5-6 washes.

I would not recommend mixing the gentian violet with shampoo because it can seriously dry out your hair which is why I used conditioner instead.

Outfit details:

Dress: Mr Price

Faux coat: Zara

Chokers: Weweargems on Instagram
Photographer: @r2fphotography on Instagram 

Signature Cosmetics 

Signature Cosmetics is a fairly new cosmetics store that sells insanely affordable products! I recently tried a few of their products and did majority of my face with them. I would definitely recommend their products if you are looking to save money but still have quality makeup. I would say that they are on par with Essence. 
I tried their face primer as well as their eyeshadow primer. They were both tacky and went on quite easily. The face primer is called Prime Perfect and comes in a cute bottle which retails for R85. The eyeshadow primer applied evenly and helped a lot to make my eyeshadow last longer as well as to avoid creases. It is R39. 

The foundation that I tried is called Xtra Cover Foundation and I got the shade café latte. It is extremely lightweight and provides a very sheer coverage. I loved it because I don’t like thick foundation and prefer it because it looked very natural. You could barely tell that I was wearing any foundation. It blended in easily and the colour suited my skin tone perfectly. It retails for R89 and I would definitely recommend this if you do not have a lot of blemishes and you’re just looking for a lightweight as well as natural finish. If you have normal to slightly combination skin and dry skin I would use this foundation instead of the foundation sticks but if you have oily skin this foundation is definitely not for you unless it is set with a powder.

I got a lip liner in the shade dusty rose which I completely love! It’s the perfect nude and it is super pretty for Summer. It glides on easily and smoothly. It is also quite long wearing and you can wear it on it’s own instead of putting a lipstick over it. The lipliners go for R48. 

I tried the clear mascara which gave off a very natural no makeup finish. I also used it as a brow gel to set my brows. It worked quite well and also washed off easily. It didn’t make my brows feel sticky which is a definite bonus. The retail price for this is R52.

I tried the Delectably Lavish eyeshadow palette. The colours were gorgeous and it reminded me a lot of Tarte’s palettes! The mattes in the palette were a bit chalky but it was fine to use with a good eye primer. I loved the shimmery colours and I created this look with the palette: It costed R99. 

Signature Cosmetics also sells brushes. I got the eyeshadow brush as well as the foundation and concealer brush. The eyeshadow brush was great to use to blend in my eyeshadow and apply it. The eyeshadow brush goes for R18. The foundation brush is quite flat so I used it to apply my concealer. It retails for R33. The other end of the brush is an actual concealer brush so I blended my concealer out with it. 

The foundation sticks are quite good but it was too thick for me so I used it to contour and highlight. I used the shade café latte to highlight with and the shade dark roast to contour with. It worked quite well when it came to blending and covered my dark circles like an absolute dream! If you prefer a full coverage foundation this foundation is definitely for you. It is R66 per stick.

I set my concealer with the translucent powder. I love this powder to bake my face with! I cannot rave about this enough. It was perfect to set my concealer with and didn’t crease at all. I’m so impressed with the powder. It retails for R74.

I did my brows with the perfect brows retractable brow pencil and the complete glamour brows brow kit. The brow pencil is double ended. On the one end there is a brow brush and on the other end there is a brown pencil. I used it to outline my brows and filled them in with the brow kit. The brow kit consists of black, dark brown and light brown brow powders as well as a brow setting wax. It is very versatile and easy to use. It comes with a brow brush and a pair of mini tweezers. It also has a mirror so you can do your brows anywhere and anytime. The brow liner is R48 and the brow kit is R84. 

I got a single eyeshadow in the shade gold lioness. It is so pigmented and glittery. I’m definitely going to use it for a few upcoming looks. It retails for R38 and they have a variety of colours to choose from.

They have matte liquid lipsticks in a variety of shades. I got the shade no.3. It is R34. It smells really good and is quick drying. It lasts forever on your lips and is a dupe for the LA Girl matte liquid lippies but they are much less drying. 

Signature Cosmetics have a variety of nail polish shades. I picked two of them, ruby plum and soft suede. Ruby plum is a berry colour whereas soft suede is a pretty nude. I’ve had this nail polish on since Friday and it hasn’t chipped or anything. I’m super clumsy and I always end up chipping my nails but surprisingly my nails have stayed in tact. I love the colours and ruby plum is definitely my favourite. It is also very quick drying which I love. 

Their details:

Facebook: Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances 

Website and store locator: